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GMIC2016: UCWeb builds a one-stop marketing platform to help Chinese Internet companies become international

On April 29, Alibaba Mobile Business Group held a strategy conference in Beijing. CEO He Xiaopeng announced UC browser’s global monthly active users exceeds 400 million. General manger of International Business Department, Shi Cangjian revealed that UC browser has become the second largest mobile browser all over the world. He also stated UC is now creating a one-stop marketing platform overseas. Via Wap, a powerful data traffic entrance, and a cost-effective promotion mode, it will help the China enterprises to expend international markets.

In addition to the horizontal marketing development, some achievement could be seen in its vertical expansion. With an over-250-million monthly active users, the apps distribution platform, 9Apps, the mobile games platform, 9Game and UC Union have begun to take a shape in emerging markets. UC Union receives Ad requests worth 60 billion per month.