Innovation Co-Marketing Campaign

To have creative joint marketing activities with 9Apps. By launching trendy event marketing campaign, we catch social attention, thus access to huge potential users and improve brand reputation.

  • What we can provide What we are looking for
    Online exposure Users exclusive benefits
    Media reports and industrial PR value Traditional media and offline exposure
    App downloads Featured Services embedded

First-released Cooperation

By first releasing the latest version of your application on 9Apps, you can have the exclusivity to exhibit your apps for free. Meanwhile, you will also be given a chance to share the resources of PR and media exposure, which will be beneficial of building up enterprise image and brand recognition.

  • What we can provide What we are looking for
    Outstanding spot for advertisement Exclusivity of first release
    Social media and word-of-mouth communication Splash screen and push notifications

Carrying Advertising

Regard 9Apps as an important channel for download, having mutual benefit with the exchange of online & offline promote resources

  • What we can provide What we are looking for
    Recommended advertisement of high quality Platform of advertising online and offline
    Advertising cost discount Acquisition of potential clients

Benefits Winning

To promote products with benefits, distributing abundant coupons to users, and helping to increase active users and new users. Gaining brand exposures that are worth high Ad value.

  • What we can provide What we are looking for
    Splash screen and notifications Appealing exclusive benefits
    Accurate distribution to right target Promotion targeting at potential users
    App downloads growth and old users activation Application Featured Service

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Successful Cases

Find out successful cooperation cases in detail
  • Uber
    Uber and 9Apps conduct a co-marketing campaign on Valentine's Day, offering free Valentine's dinner and free SPA in 9 cities in India! Through offline participation of passengers and online communication such as interesting video, interactive on social media, and other media coverage, we gain huge market attention and banding exposure.
  • UC Browser
    The 10.7 version of UC Browser has its globally first release on 9Apps platform exclusively. During the first day of launching, the download UVs achieve a 360% surge, and daily new users increase 10 times than usual.
  • Fame
    Fame and 9Apps cooperation: product logos were presented on large outdoor billboards which covered the vicinity of high-speed way and railway station in Mumbai, covering daily traffic more than one million people.