Core Advantage

  • 250+ million monthly active users
  • Present in hundred countries, dominated in 6 areas
  • 35 Million daily app downloads

Product Feature

9Apps supports Android apps client, mobile web, and the PC version. It provides up to 7 languages support. Visit

  • Recommend: Localized and personalized app recommendations
  • Fast: Fast downloading speed, support pause and auto-resume downloading
  • Rich in content: Enabling your E-life with exclusive benefits, multi-media content and interesting news update
  • Data save: Data compression to help save on data cost
  • Young: UI designed for young user, routine creative promotional activities available
  • Qualified: Large number of high-quality, exclusive and latest apps


  • Friendly
    We provide comprehensive and in-depth cooperation opportunities, including SDK integration guidance, testing, technical support for localization and even financial consultancy.
  • Huge & Dominated
    With a huge user base, 9Apps is able to distribute apps across many countries and areas, even well-matched with the Google play in terms of app distribution.
  • Cost-effective
    Compare to other stores, user acquisition on 9Apps is more cost-effective. You can obtain high quality users with low cost, and achieve the second-time bonus.
  • Flexible
    We offer customizable promotional programs to partners. Through different partnership programs, we are fully equipped to meet and deliver on your requirements of user acquisition, monetization, branding and else.